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Performing A.I.: Stage, Sound and Screen


There will be three Workshop Sessions running between 09:30-17:00 on Tuesday the 20th of December. The three workshops are as follows:

1) Performing AI. Using AI tools for playwriting led by Vlad Butucea

2) Sounding AI: Performance, Collaboration and Synthetic voices led by Dr Yaron Shyldkrot

3) Design Fiction Worldbuilding led by Prof Paul Coulton

Performing AI. Using AI tools for playwriting

In this workshop, Vlad will explore AI text-generation and its potential uses in drama, both from a playwriting and teaching perspective. He will draw on his practice as a playwright, and academic experience in digital performance, to explore how AI could be used in dramatic writing, and drama education.  

Workshop leader: Vlad Butucea (University of Glasgow, Queen Margaret University)


Sounding AI: Performance, Collaboration and Synthetic voices

In this workshop, we will experiment with computer-generated voices. Working with a variety of platforms and AI software we will consider the creative possibilities of synthetic voices as well as the modes of collaboration and interaction they enable. Listening to different voices, the workshop will also reflect on the limitations and ethical issues surrounding computer-generated voices and explore how their performative qualities can trouble replications of biases and problematic rhetoric around human-machine interaction. The workshop is open to all. No previous experience is necessary and there will be plenty of opportunities to participate in non-acting forms. You will need a computer and headphones. 

Workshop leader: Dr Yaron Shyldkrot (University of Leeds)


Design Fiction Worldbuilding

Workshop leader: Prof Paul Coulton (Lancaster University)


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