Symposium III

There will be two Workshop Sessions on the 13th and 14th of June.


13th of June Workshops, In-Person: 

1) Workshop 1: The Sound of AI: Performance, Provenance and Privacy

2) Workshop 2: Robots and Theatre: Performing Autonomy

14th of June Workshop, In-Person::

3) Crafting Immersion in Experiential Futures (Prof. Paul Coulton)


Crafting Immersion in Experiential futures

In this workshop we propose using the Future Mundane “living room of the future” which is house in a caravan to explore how we might craft experiences that can provoke discussion around the use of data and AI in the home. The experiences will be crafted using the interactive narrative software Twine which has been enhanced to incorporate various sensors and Internet of Things devices within the living room to allow new experiential futures to be created. 

Workshop leader: Prof. Paul Coulton (Lancaster University)


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