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Symposium III

There will be two Workshop Sessions on the 13th and 14th of June.


13th of June Workshops, will run simultaneously between 14:00-17:00, In-Person: 

1) Workshop 1: The Sound of AI: Performance, Provenance and Privacy led by Dr. Alan Chamberlain (University of Nottingham) and Prof. Dave De Roure (University of Oxford). 

2) Workshop 2: A Theatre of Robots: Performing Autonomy led by Makers of Imaginary Worlds

14th of June Workshop 09:30-12:30, In-Person:

3) Crafting Immersion in Experiential Futures (Prof. Paul Coulton)


The Sound of AI: Performance, Provenance and Privacy

The focus of this workshop is to bring people together to focus on and understand AI and Sound in a creative context. The workshop is multidisciplinary, and offers people the chance to practically share their work and ideas, demo work and offer insights into their experiences and identify issues in the area. All are welcome, from composers to computer scientists, designers, performers, technologists, interested in language, or law. There will be a small piece of work prior to the workshop see below. Anyone can submit something that they’d like to discuss about AI & Sound in a Creative Context to the workshop. Please supply a document with the following info prior to the workshop (June 10th):


Title of System/instrument/software/performance/issue/concept/design:
Description of above:
Diagrams or images:
Issues – social/privacy/security/technical/other:
Ideas for Future research:
Related publications/software/performances/web pages:

Maximum of 2 pages, please send to to by the 10th of June.



Workshop led by: Dr. Alan Chamberlain (University of Nottingham) and Prof. Dave De Roure (University of Oxford)


Location: The Mixed Reality Lab, Computer Science, University of Nottingham, Jubilee Campus.

This workshop is in partnership with PETRAS (ExIoT Project) 

A Theatre of Robots: Performing Autonomy

Through this workshop, we hope to better understand the relationship between trust in autonomous objects and the notion of suspension of disbelief. The discussions and hands-on activities are designed to encourage collaborative interdisciplinary exploration and address the challenges of using robotics in art installations.  Participants will have the opportunity to discover more ‘NED’, Makers of Imaginary Worlds robotic sculpture that toured in the Thingamabobas installation for children and families in 2021-22. 


Workshop led by: Makers of Imaginary Worlds  Dr Roma Patel &  Rachel Ramchurn (Makers of Imaginary Worlds) & Dominic Price (University of Nottingham)

Makers of Imaginary Worlds a Nottingham-based company that makes playful, interactive installations by combining sensing technologies with crafts. Their most recent work ‘HOME: Zero’ was commissioned by Nesta in partnership with National Gallery X (The National Gallery and King’s College London).


Location:  Co-Bot Maker Space, Triumph Rd, University of Nottingham  (Jubilee Campus).

This workshop is in partnership with the Trustworthy Autonomous Systems Hub (CreativeTheme) 

Crafting Immersion in Experiential futures

In this workshop we propose using the Future Mundane “living room of the future” which is house in a caravan to explore how we might craft experiences that can provoke discussion around the use of data and AI in the home. The experiences will be crafted using the interactive narrative software Twine which has been enhanced to incorporate various sensors and Internet of Things devices within the living room to allow new experiential futures to be created. 

Workshop leader: Prof. Paul Coulton (Lancaster University)


This workshop is in partnership with Experiencing the Future Mundane project  (with Mathew Pilling, Lancaster University) and the Adaptive Podcast Project  (led by Tom Lodge, University of Nottingham).

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