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Symposium I

There will be three parallel Workshop Sessions running between 14:00-17:00. You will be able to choose which one to attend. This will be organised through the breakout rooms in ZOOM. The three workshops are as follows:

1) Making AI Understandable (BBC)

2) How Do We Understand Trust and The Need to Design Autonomous Systems for Trust? (Thales Group)


3) Jazz as Social Machine (University of Southampton/Turing Institute)

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Making AI Understandable

The workshop will explore creative ways of explaining AI by addressing the following questions:

  • What can we make that demystifies AI for the public, across digital products to education,  media, language, imagery and culture? 

  • How can we help make better mental models of how AI works? 

  • Can we make people care about understanding AI? How can we show where it touches peoples’ lives and affects individuals? 

  • How can we better show the benefits and limitations of AI systems? 

  • How can we ensure explaining AI benefits the individual and society, and enables trust in AI systems where appropriate? 

Workshop leader: Tristan Ferne (BBC)


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How Do We Understand Trust and The Need to Design Autonomous Systems for Trust?

The aim for the workshop will be to explore the challenges involved regarding designing for trust, and to use cross-disciplinary insights to develop:  

  • a more comprehensive understanding of trust and agency considerations; 

  • effective methods to educate and engage robotic and autonomous systems practitioners on the importance of designing for trust, which can be developed and implemented following the workshop; 

  • a public engagement piece that conveys this in an interesting and engaging way.  

Workshop leader: Shalaka Kurup (Thales Group)


Jazz as Social Machine

The workshop will comprise of talks and a round-table discussion


Session 1: Jazz as Social Machine (90 minutes)

  • “Political ecologies of jazz and machine learning:Project overview and theoretical considerations” (Dr Thomas Irvine, University of Southampton/Alan Turing Institute)

  • “Jazz, movement, resistance, data: What does it mean to imagine the history of jazz as the history of a social machine?” (Prof Christopher J Smith, Texas Tech University)

  • “Breaking the Chains, an interactive multimedia sound and game environment about jazz and AI” (Dr Brona Martin, University of Kent)

  • Q & A


Session 2: Towards ludic understandings of data and art (round-table). Respondent Dr Seth Giddings, Winchester School of Art) (90 minutes)

Workshop leader: Thomas Irvine (University of Southampton/Turing Institute)

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