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Arifa Akter
Nov 30, 2021
With more than 15 trillion of live websites on internet, is internet browsing safe these days? Are all websites beneficial and safe for you and decesion maker email list your family to visit? Many people answered this question with a big 'No'. With the advancement in technology, threats have also increased. To help you control and monitor what your family member does and decesion maker email list views online, Apple has installed a basic parental or family control system. To see basic parental controls of your Mac Book, open 'System Preferences' decesion maker email list from Apple Menu. Now select 'Accounts'. By selecting 'Accounts', your Mac Book will show you a list with all user accounts. With this list, a lock icon will appear (on the bottom of page). Single-click the lock decesion maker email list icon and you will be asked for the Administrator's password. After entering your Administrator's password the parental or family control panel will appear. By changing the settings in decesion maker email list this panel, you will be allowed to set different setting for different users. This basic Mac Book parental controls panel also allows you to set a time decesion maker email list schedule when internet can be used. Furthermore, you can change this time schedule (to access internet), anytime according to your needs. Basic parental control of your Mac Book also decesion maker email list allow you to limit or block applications (which are being used from finder). The 'Content Section', in the parental controls also allow you to block certain websites. These basic parental decesion maker email list controls can also keep the records of all the activities performed by every individual user of your Mac Book. As a precautionary measure, Mac Book would not notify the decesion maker email list user about their activities being recorded. All the application and internet history will only be visible to you.